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Sorry folks... it's over for now! Print E-mail

I did find out from the guard it was the head of the HOA that told him to cease letting people in Christmas Day (of all days!)  She then convienently left town and will not return calls or emails.  The guards are doing what they are told to do, so don't hold them responsible.  I'm sure I would be irritated at this point having to turn all these people away!  To stop the complaints and to keep from irritating the guards, we are shutting down.  I deeply apologize to everyone for the HOA decision and if I had been given ANY clue that it would happen, we would have mentioned it on the broadcast.  We will try to work this out resonably and if not, go the legal route.  I don't mind spending a lot of money to make a point...

Bah Humug says Carrington!! Print E-mail

If you look at the comment section, you will see numerous unhappy visitors.  We have run this show for 5 years, each time through New Years with no problem.  All of a sudden, someone has decided to not let anybody in to see it.  I spoke with security who said the guard wouldn't turn anyone away without being told to do so by the HOA.  I have called and sent emails asking to speak with someone, but no one has contacted me as of yet.  If this is going to be the case, this will unfortunately be the last year I spend 3 weeks decorating.  If you are coming to view the lights, simply tell them you are visiting James Morris at 8757 Carrington Lake Ridge.  I will continue trying to find out what is going on and what their stance on this is.

You've got to be kidding me!! Print E-mail

So it's Friday night and the cars are lined up, but... people keep leaving, cars keep circling the cul-de-sac... so I turned on the radio and would you believe it; A new radio station is broadcasting on 106.5, completely overpowering the transmitter we use.  A quick test of channels and we're back to 104.5.  There's a little static at spots, but it's better than nothing!

2010 is ready! Print E-mail

Network errors delayed an early launch, but saturday, 12/4 was the successful launch.  We found a better radio station, so we will be switching to 106.5 on Sunday.  Santa is in transit from the North Pole to set up his satellite location in our upstairs, so you should see him hard at work starting Sunday night, 12/5.

Almost There... Print E-mail
Monday, 29 November 2010 23:29

So I started 3 weeks ago and have made great progress.  Mainly, I have had great weather and few problems (so far), so it has been much easier.  The circuits are up to 128 now and with the addition of some new cool LED strips, the total channels (to program) comes to 528.  I still have to hook up the sign, add more lights, edit a few songs and then see if it works...

The goal is to be up by Saturday night, 12/4.  Make sure you tell all your friends, 'cause this may be the last year!

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